Wild West Tallow Soap

Charcoal, Sweet Orange Ginger, and Rosemary Oatmeal varieties

We believe using the purest, local ingredients makes the best soap. We source many of our ingredients locally, supporting local ranchers and farmers including: locally grown, grass-finished beef tallow, locally grown and produced organic safflower oil and locally grown pork tallow (pigs raised either here on our farm at Tending Nature or in the Boulder Valley). These ingredients are blended with organic coconut oil. We never use palm oil in our soaps. We offer both a beef-tallow blend and a pork-tallow blend, as available.

Tallow soap is a traditional method of soap making which produces a very conditioning, natural bar with a nice creamy lather. We hand render all the tallow used in our soaps. This is done seasonally on a wood cook stove.

These soaps are made with high-quality essential oils to add a natural scent that works well for people with sensitive skin and noses. Natural clays and spices are used to color the soaps.  We also make unscented soap with no added pigments.




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Available Varieties

  • Peppermint Espresso
  • Sweet Orange Cinnamon
  • Charcoal (with Tea Tree Oil)
  • Lemongrass Ginger
  • Rosemary Oatmeal
  • Confetti (with Eucalyptus Oil)
  • Unscented
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Wild West Tallow Soap, Rosemary Oatmeal