Soap Making Workshops

Soap makes great gifts and is an enjoyable craft.  Our soap making workshops can be tailored to your interests and experience level. For starters, we recommend one of two basic one-day workshops:

Primitive style

instructing on how to make soap with sheep tallow at rabbitstick primitive skills gathering

  • How to render tallow
  • How to make lye from wood ash

Cold process

  • Learn basic soap chemistry
  • Overview and practicing lye safety
  • Tools of the trade
  • How to apply natural colorants and scents

Host a soap making party at your house and you don’t pay for the class.  Class participants pay a reasonable fee which will cover instruction and course materials.  It makes for a really fun evening with friends. Make some snacks, invite your friends over and learn a new skill and participants go home with soap made at the workshop!

Contact us for availability and pricing


tallow blend soap making workshop at Broken Ground Permaculture

Links to some of our prior workshops:

Broken Ground Permaculture, Bozeman, Montana (held annually)

Malama Kauai, Hawaii

Sunshine Health Mine, Basin, Montana

Villas Mastatal, Costa Rica